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Brighthelmstone Lodge
Book of Remembrance

There are 49 entries in the Brighthelmstone Lodge Book of Remembrance.

Barry Rees     PPrAGDC, PM

9th August 1946 - 28th November 2014

initiated on 3rd February 1995

confirmed as Brighthelmstone master 2002


honorary 13th June 2014 meeting

deceased 28th November 2014

Ken Brown     PPrGReg

- 19th May 2014

initiated on 19th March 1958


Honorary member

Roy Chandler     PPrAGDC

- 27th July 2009

résumé: Honorary member

Harry Zurick     PPrGSwdB, PM

- 16th May 2009

initiated on 21st April 1971

confirmed as Brighthelmstone master 1977

Lesley Mackay     PPrAGStB

- 1st February 2009

résumé: joining member 08/12/1967.
Affectionately known as 'smiler', the lodge organist and joint composer of the Brighthelmstone Visitors Song

Colin Lux     PPr JGW

- 2nd January 2006

résumé: Founder & former secretary.
Joint composer of the Brighthelmstone Visitors Song

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