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Brighthelmstone Lodge

The Brighthelmstone Lodge was consecrated at The Sussex Masonic Temple, Brighton on Friday 10th December 1965 by the Rt.W. the Provincial Grand Master Rt.W.Bro. Arthur Jolly assisted by V.W.Bro. the Rev.Charles Mosse Dep. Prov.G.Master, W.Bro. A.H.Edwards and W.Bro. H.Middleburgh Asst. Prov.G.Ms. and a team of Provincial Officers. A large number of the Regency Lodge brethren attended the consecration which numbered a total of 250 Brethren; this included 18 of the 19 founders being present with 26 Consecrating Officers and 141 other Visitors.

Early in 1965 some of the Brethren of Regency Lodge 6349, realising that there were a number of Candidates waiting to be Initiated, felt that it would be an opportune moment to form a daughter Lodge. On 15 January 1965 W.Bro. Tom Bastock proposed & W.Bro. Jim Woolley seconded the proposal to petition Grand Lodge for the formation of a new Lodge; the proposal was approved and the petition signed in Open Lodge on 09 April 1965. It was decided to call the new Lodge Brighthelmstone Lodge and adopt a crest of the dolphins of Brighton coat of arms incorporating the head of the Prince Regent as used by the mother Lodge. This was designed by W.Bro. Tom Bastock.

Brighthelmstone founder members


After the Consecration of the Brighthelmstone Lodge V.W. Bro. Charles Mosse occupied the chair and Installed the Master Designate W.Bro. Tom C. Bastock Prov. G.J.D.     W.Bro. Bastock then invested the following Officers -

W.Bro. L.C. Brown, P.P.G.J.D. as I.P.M.,
Bro. Geoffrey Woolford as S.W.,
Bro. Robert Corkling as J.W.,
W.Bro. James J. Woolley as Chaplain,
W.Bro. Laurence Brown as Treasurer,
W.Bro. Colin Lux as Secretary,
Bro. J. L. Turner as Assistant Secretary,
W.Bro. Dennis A. W. Ward P.Pr.A.G.D.C. as D.of C,
Bro. Arthur D. Banks as A. D.of C.,
Bro. Donald Mc Pherson as S.D.,
Bro. Peter Mather as J.D.,
Bro. Geoffrey Stone as Charity Steward,
Bro. J. Stephen Meaney as Almoner,
Bro. James Cook as I.G.,
Bro's. William Tuppen, Bro. James Collis,
Bro. William Skinner, Bro. W. Clark
& Bro. David Grigg as Stewards,
Bro. Charles Bullock as Tyler.


Consecrating Officers
Brighthelmstone founder membersV.W. Bro. C.H. Mosse MA Dep. Prov. G.M., P.G.Ch.,
(Honorary member of the Regency Lodge)
Brighthelmstone founder membersR.W. Bro. Arthur Jolly, R.W. Prov. G.M.,
(Honorary member of the Regency Lodge)
Brighthelmstone founder membersW. Bro. H. Middleburgh, Asst. Prov. G.M.,P.G.D.
(Honorary member of the Regency Lodge)
Brighthelmstone founder membersW. Bro. Lt. Col. J.O. Byrne M.c. P.A.G. Swd. B.
Brighthelmstone founder membersW. Bro. A.H. Edwards P.G.D., Asst. Prov. G.M.
(Honorary member of the Regency Lodge)
Brighthelmstone founder membersW. Bro. H. Myerscough P.A. G.D.C. then Prov. G. Sec.
(Honorary member of the Regency Lodge)

The following Honorary Members of the Regency Lodge also participated:
W.Bro. Rev. J.E. Penney delivered the Oration as Prov. G. Chaplain.
W.Bro. P. Moore, P.M. of the Regency Lodge acted as Prov. G. Standard Bearer.
W.Bro. P. Shaw acted as Prov. G. Tyler.

Founder Members
W.Bro. T.C. BASTOCK, P.P.G.D., P.M. 6349 Bro. G.E. WOOLFORD Bro. J.COLLIS
W.Bro. L.W.A. BROWN P.M. 1541 Bro. J.S.MEANEY Bro. P.P. MATHER
W.Bro. L.C. BROWN, P.P.G.D., P.M. 4961 Bro. R.W. CORKLING Bro. D.V. Mc PHERSON
W.Bro. J.J. WOOLLEY P.M. 6349 Bro. A.D.BANKS Bro. G.A.STONE
W.Bro. C.LUX P.M. 1829 Bro. W.C. CLARK Bro. W.F. TUPPEN
W.Bro. D.A.W.WARD, P.P.A.G.D.C., P.M. 6349 Bro. W.SKINNER Bro. D.A.GRIGG

The kind assistance of
W.Bro. Rowland Wood, P.Pr.G.Swd.B. Secretary of Regency Lodge No.6349
is gratefully acknowledged for the detail provided on this page.

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