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Brighthelmstone Lodge
Lodge Mentor

The Lodge mentor is a vital part to play in the process to ensure that every member of the Lodge finds all occasions when they meet to be interesting, enlightening, worthwhile and above all, enjoyable.

The Lodge mentor ensures that all the Brethren act as Mentors, not just with the new members. The mentor is here to guide, support, nurture and assist every Brother, irrespective of rank, position or age.

In this way, the Brethren will enjoy their Freemasonry and wish to share that pleasure with both the Masonic and their own wider communities and they will be constantly look forward to their next happy meeting and those who were unavoidably absent, will wish to return and share in that bond of love and happiness once again.

You can contact the current Brighthelmstone Lodge Mentor in confidence by selecting 'lodge mentor' from the site's Contact us page

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