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Brighthelmstone Original Banner

The Dedication of the original Brighthelmstone Banner took Place on Friday 03 February 1967
and was dedicated by W. Bro Rev. J. Harvey Goldsmith Prov, Grand Chaplain.

The Brighthelmstone banner bears the name of a place dear to them, a town nestling by the sea under the shadow of the lovely Downs. This Lodge is a Daughter of The Regency Lodge and the banner bears the picture of the Prince who first came here on holiday in 1782 and liked the place so much that he made it a favourite place for holidays-the first of many who have profited by the ministrations of Dr Brighton. The two Dolphins are a link with the sea and, more than that, a link also with the distant past-for the Dolphin was sacred to the God Apollo and a symbol of his presence. He was held in reverence by Sailors as the God of Light who guided them over dark and dangerous seas. As the God of Light he was the God of Purity and demanded Purity and worship from his followers.

Brighthelmstone Banner
Brighthelmstone Banner dedication

Most important of all you will see the Square and Compasses. To be 'On The Square' is for us something in which we rejoice for we know that though we are all free men we owe a duty to God, to our neighbour and to ourselves as well as to our native land and the Craft to which we all belong. The Compasses are there, not by chance, but to remind us that we are ever in the presence of The Great Architect of the Universe who has given us laws for our guidance, who has defined for our instruction the limits of good and evil and will reward or punish us, as we have obeyed and all else that we do is mockery unless we are good men. The Brighthelmstone banner must not only hang in our Lodge but it must be engraved on our hearts for eternity.

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