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Brighthelmstone Lodge
Lodge of Instruction (LOI)

The Brighthelmstone Lodge of Instruction is there to help you: Among friends we rehearse together parts of the ritual and iron out those little bumps in as painless way as possible avoiding the embarrassing situation of taking office and knowing absolutely next to nothing about the ritual you have to perform!

The Brighthelmstone Lodge of Instruction offers all Brethren the opportunity to practise our ceremonies in a friendly and encouraging environment. The programme of work is sufficiently flexible to allow all Brethren attending the opportunity to rehearse their respective offices.

Please come and join us; the Brighthelmstone Lodge of Instruction meets at the Sussex Masonic Temple Queens Road Brighton at 7:30pm on the Second & Fourth Thursday's in September through to May and on the Second Thursday in June at 7:45pm plus other meetings as notified. We look forward to seeing you and welcoming you as a friend.

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