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The History of the
Brighthelmstone Lodge
Book of Remembrance

For both the visitors and newer members of the Brighthelmstone Lodge you will not have failed to notice that throughout the duration of our meetings in the centre of the lodge, proudly displayed is our Book of Remembrance.


It is rather sad that when a brother goes to the Grand Lodge above, his name disappears, naturally from the Members on the Summons, and if he was a Master of the Lodge, from the Provincial Year Book. Sad but practical of course. But in fact, we do not forget our Brethren who are no longer with us except in spirit. And so we commemorate them by entering their names in this book which was dedicated by Assistant Provincial Grand Master, the Rev. John Penney MA Past Deputy Grand Chaplain. It will always be with us in the Temple and opened and closed with the Lodge, in tribute to departed merit of those Brighthelmstone Lodge members whom have passed to the Grand Lodge above and also as a permanent reminder of the happy times spent in their company.

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