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Brighthelmstone Lodge
Song to our Visitors

The Brighthelmstone Lodge always makes a special effort to afford our visiting brethren an enjoyable and entertaining meeting and festive board after and our visitors always enjoy a rendition of the Brighthelmstone Lodge Song to the Visitors performed by the brethren

composed in 1966 by the late Lesley Mackay PPrAGStB & Colin Lux PPr JGW to the tune of 'the Lincolnshire Poacher'.

We greet you well, Our visitors,
We're glad to see you here.
We hope that we have pleased you,
Refreshment gave good cheer.
We've much enjoyed your company,
So this our refrain,
T'will be our delight,
On a regular (Festival) Night
To see you here again. (Repeat)

We greet you well and wish you well
Where'er you be-a go.
For you and yours may life's glad stream
Through pleasant pastures flow.
Foe happy met and happy part
Is Brighthelmstones' refrain.
T'will be our delight,
On a regular (Festival) Night
To see you here again. (Repeat)

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