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id:181 Title:Regency Ladies Festival
Categoryinvitations Date:11-06-2011
Short DetailRegency Lodge No 6349 Ladies Festival
Detail Untitled document

The Worshipful Master of Regency Lodge, Richard and his Presiding Partner Theo, have arranged a Ladies’ Night for Saturday June 11th 2011. The venue for the event is the Hove Cricket Ground, The Ladies Long Room, Eaton Road, Hove. The programme for the evening is as follows:

At 6.30pm there will be a champagne reception with ample opportunity to mingle with friends over an aperitif in the bar. The reception will be followed by a delicious 3-course dinner inclusive of wine @ 7.15 pm in the main dining hall, where the bar will continue. After which, there will be dancing until 00.30am with a five piece ensemble and interim music. A raffle will be held during the course of the evening, the proceeds of which will be donated to Richard’s and Theo’s chosen charity, the Motor Neurone and The Martletts Hospice. Dress will be formal evening wear for the ladies and dinner jackets for the gentleman.

Reservations are available on application to the Worshipful Master and are priced at £40.00.

Richard and Theo hope that you will encourage your families and friends to join them and make this a memorable evening for all. It would be appreciated if you would please reply in good time, and ensure your place at this special occasion.

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